Our Company

KarmaYoga is an Indian based software platform that connects tradesmen and construction jobs across India. Using our proprietory algorithm, and intelligent computing the jobs and service providers are precisely matched at mutually beneficial prices. Through the KarmaYoga Academy of Excellence , we upskill workforces to enhance their trade skills in Construction technologies.

The Idea…

The Perpetual challenge faced by the construction industry is to staff their projects with skilled tradesmen.

India has over 8 Crore construction tradesmen, yet projects struggle to meet their workforce requirements.

KarmaYoga is created to bridge this gap by connecting lakhs of projects with crores of tradesmen

Skill development is key to any project to ensure consistency in quality and performance of the tradesmen.

Beyond the basic idea…

Beyond the basic idea…

Apart from providing the workers to projects, KarmaYoga aims at creating an eco-system where the industry as a whole benefits by,

Structurising the Unstructured

  • Creating a transparent marketplace for construction manpower resources
  • Formalise the Construction recruitment using IT and AI
  • Price Parity that align with Skill sets
  • Frictionless price discovery - a mechanism that benefits both builders and labourers
  • Hassle free negotiation leads to smooth transactions
  • Transcend aberrations arising out of human dependency using AI.

Improve the overall quality of Construction

  • Incentivise the workforce by Upskilling
  • Skill certification enhances opportunities and better placements
  • AOE provides world-class, carefully curated programs
  • Hands-on experience in various construction trades

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